Sunday, 23 November 2014

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Practice Pointer

What to Say? Do I Need a Script?

A common coaching question that gets asked is “What do I say when clients cancel due to the flu or cold type illnesses?

Excellent question – the answer first lies in a big change of energy: 

• Visualise all clients turning up happily 

• Put focus on the wonderful clients who do show up 

• Acknowledge clients for looking after their health 

• Educate regarding boosting the immune system Educate on the benefits of an adjustment when well and unwell

• Educate on the importance of schedules ... (you get the picture!) 

You can't "script" your way out of a concept you don't understand or “script” answers. It is more effective to learn the principles first and then use scripting as a guide, not as a crutch. People will feel your lack of confidence not in your words but in your tone if you are purely saying a script by rote (now you may be thinking ‘what do I say?’).

Below is a guide for you, remembering it’s so much easier and authentic when you understand the principle behind your answer!
In answering calls it’s best to go back to the 3 rules: 

1. Understand and build rapport 

2. Educate 

3. Offer either/or For example:

1. “I understand, Bill, it sounds like your body is doing some cleansing.” (always use their name). 

2. “Bill, this is one of the most important times to have an adjustment and it will help your body heal faster (or boost your immune system etc.).” 

3. “Bill, we could actually see you earlier today or at your appointment time 4pm. Which would you prefer?”

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