Saturday, 20 December 2014

'The Purpose of the Chiropractic Assistants Association of Australasia is to provide a professional network that lovingly supports, trains and educates Chiropractic Assistants – creating a wellness legacy for generations to come.'

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Practice Pointer

Is Chiropractic Attractive?

Do you believe Chiropractic is attractive?

If so, why do you believe it is?

Below, Bill Esteb describes some powerful reasons why Chiropractic is attractive:

Chiropractic is Attractive Because …
• It’s Simple
• It works when traditional methods fail
• It’s stood the test of time
• It’s affordable and cost effective
• It’s based on proven scientific truths
• It’s delivered by licensed professionals
• It can help anyone regardless of age
• It’s side effects are largely positive effects
• It trusts the wisdom of the body
• It’s safe
• It’s completely natural
• It doesn’t require a prescription
• It’s different from medicine
Bill Esteb

Listen to Powerful Practices International senior coach and mentor Dr Doug Herron review Bill Esteb’s list.

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This list is never ending. YES Chiropractic is attractive.

With your team, create your own list to share and inspire each other with.

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